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Happy New C.N.Y. 2020 with XINNIAN KUAIILE OR GONG XI FA CAI @-@-@-@

a1ex_optics basic tech
To explore Air Space Ophthalmology or Space vision or any Infrared Earth analyse or analysis in exploration this is basic tech , different systems interconnected with WiFi ! Of course ten laps are more powerful but even three are okey ! Happy holidays to y'all ! ( ◜‿◝ )♡(◍•ᴗ•◍)❤
N E W Tech !
Kung Fu yoga meditation relaxation and fitness !
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Emi wong i like to see how she does it as i am in late 40-ies and for my bones it helps hahahah ...
About Space Vision , right is a map , only someone has to send me money to buy all of equip and to do something hahahah ...for better vision and healthier eyes  *zai jian @-@-@-@ oder  auf wiedersehen oder, or see ya , ciaos

I could give a advice for people who are doing a hard stressfull job and medicine is hard and stressfull for everyone , my advice is learn kung fu , yoga , meditation , relaxation and fitness a little and try to do it ... india, china, asia, and western body building helps a little ....me i am todays a more relaxed as i am in late 40-ies ...thanks for everything ....

My familly we have had a love for prosciuttos , tropical cheese , crispy potatoes, roasted or toasted chicken, kebabs and nice schnicls , beef and pork meat and many specialities and nice cuisine but also i have a instagram for diabetic diet and nutrition ..*diet_bubalo


At beggining has been a @AlexOculistaMoorea
as beautifull , tahiti paradise islands re ...@-@-@

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I wrotte a 500 gpages with more then 1000 in many categories
Eye consulting, exe exercises, a many type of eye help trying to sell it from 5-200 or more dollars depending of a complexity but I couldn't monetize it ....
From 2006-2009 .
Then development a specific sections inside experimental 

Air Space Ophthalmology which is únic since 2008 -2011,  section about climate change   A.S.O_E-1. The innumerous infra*red planetary scans after Tsunami indonesian 2008 and thousands of analysis have shown everything .... 8 years ago 
imagine that , i and we knew it all and still we could help but someone has to invest and help as today is hard to do infra-red earth scanns and also , you need at least 10 phantastic laptops and same androids phablets and mobiles and all systems connected which is very very hard to buy or to use ...Super high tech gear -EQUIP TO BUY  or use ...

Thank you freenom that I can just show I exist with ....

Summer Holidays 2020 Year!!!

***Christmass HOLIDAYS FROM 23.12.2019 - 10.02.2020 WITH POSITIVE YAN ENERGIES ***
@@@Eye Exercises@@@

Welcome !!!

My name is M.D.O.- A1ex Alexander Bubalo , retired , and C.E.O. - of A.L.T.A.O- Industries .

Exploring A world of Great  Pacific Ocean i also learn mandarin leanguage slowly , trying to find a new things and new friends world-wide .

Thank you !



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For Familly Friends, Sponsors, Partners , middle class people and cool people * you can send me money also directly in these cards.


bank account

numb  - 265000000551857839